Our School Day Together

Our day unfolds in an orderly way following a dependable rhythm that helps the child develop a sense of trust, security, predictability, and consistency.  Through imaginative play, artistic activities, verses, song, movement, stories, and puppet shows the child’s emotional, intellectual, and social life are strengthened.


A strong foundation for future academic success is laid through our daily activities. Creative play, both in the classroom and outside, enables the children to strengthen their bodies, forge healthy social relationships, create their own challenges, and engender interest in the world around them. Spatial awareness and sensory integration are enhanced through large movements.   Through daily storytelling, puppet and marionette shows, and participating in dramatic play, the children are offered rich exposure to language and culture while enhancing their listening, memory, and vocabulary skills.  Meaningful, practical work is integral and essential to the Sweet Clover Day, thus developing the young child’s will and building inner strength and self-esteem.



Our Daily Rhythm

8:30  Arrival / Morning Circle

8:35  Indoor: Craft activity, Free Work & Play

10:10  Clean-up & Bathroom Time

10:20 Circle 

10:30  Snack & Clean-up

11:00  Outdoor: Nature Walk, Games, Free Work & Play

12:10  Story

12:25  Clean-up , Bathroom Time, Hand washing

12:35  Lunch & Clean-up

1:15   Rest / Books / Finger-knitting

2:15   Good-bye Circle

2:30   Dismissal



hanging bags 

Our Weekly Rhythm

MONDAY: Color of the Day, Purple ~ Food of the Day, Rice ~ Art of the Day, Painting
TUESDAY: Color of the Day, Red ~ Food of the Day, Bread ~ Activity of the Day, Baking
WEDNESDAY: Color of the Day, Yellow ~ Food of the Day, Soup~ Activity of the Day, Vegetable chopping
THURSDAY: Color of the Day, Orange ~ Hike Day!  Please pack seasonally appropriate attire and a water bottle
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