Seasonal Festivals 


Our Yearly Rhythm 

At Sweet Clover School, the elements of festival—light, food, song and story— permeate the weekly school rhythm. However, the cadence of the year receives its form through festivals.  These seasonal celebrations mark the changing of light, the relation of the earth to the sun, and the connection to what is universal in the cycle of the year. Our annual festivals are celebrated in ways that foster wonder, reverence and gratitude.



Celebrated in late September, as the seasons transition from the outer warmth of summer to the coolness of fall, we turn inwards, towards ourselves and towards our community for inner warmth. We gather our confidence and courage to look for strength, and renew the impulse to live our lives on the earth to the best of our abilities.  The archetypical image of the battle with the dragon symbolizes this courage and strength.  A potluck follows the celebration.

P1170198Lantern Walk


Children make their own lanterns and gather with parents and teachers, then walk together, singing with glimmering lanterns held high, to carry light into the approaching darkness of winter. The lanterns are symbols of our own individual light; and the walk into the cold, dark evening gives us an experience of caring and sharing when the darkness of winter approaches. We end the evening with a sharing of hot apple cider and refreshments.

Winter Spiral


Winter Solstice celebrates a turning point when darker and shorter days become illuminated by our inner light, and we experience a mood of anticipation and preparation for the return of light. We celebrate with a Spiral Walk puppet show where the puppets walk the pine-bough spiral. A potluck follows the celebration.

may pole (1)May Faire


As the days get longer, the sun brightens not only the outer world, but lightens our inner selves too. Spring bursts forth and new life appears all around us. The butterfly emerging from its chrysalis is a symbol of renewal. We celebrate with fun games and a May Pole puppet show where the puppets dance the May Pole. A potluck follows the celebration.